How I TRANSFORMED My Body – my workout routine

Fitness Workout
How I TRANSFORMED My Body – my workout routine

Back in 2016 I had a bad spinal injury and the pain was only getting worse. I learned that strengthening muscles like my glutes really helped the pain.Almost three years later here I am and I feel stronger and healthier than ever. Below are the exercises I did in this workout:

3X20 Clam Shells (Left and Right)
3X20 Side Leg Raises (Left and Right)
3X20 Donkey Kick Backs (Left and Right)
3X20 Inverted Leg Raises on Incline Bench
3X20 Inverted Leg Raises on Incline Bench w/ Ball
3X12 Single Leg Push Down on Machine (Left and Right)
3X10 abductor machine
3X10 Abductor Squats
3X8 squats with kettle ball
Hip Thrusts with Weight (Until Failure)

Joey (My Awesome Trainer)

*All the exercises in this video were performed under the guidance of a professional trainer. Please check with your doctor or personal trainer before attempting any of the exercises you see in this video.




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