Full Body Dumbbell No Repeat Workout for Women Over 40

Fitness Workout For Women
Don’t like to repeat an exercise? Join me in the full-body dumbbell workout, with no repeats, for women over 40.

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⁣26 exercises!

That’s a lot of different moves for one workout, but I wanted to give you the full-meal deal, without repeating an exercise. I hope you like it!

We work EVERY muscle in the body, using a couple of pairs of dumbbells and make sure you stay to the end for my special little ab finisher.

Tools: a pair of light + moderate dumbbells

1. Step out side to side squats
2. Supinate & pronate rows
3. Chest press with bridge
4. Arms up reverse curls
5. Side to side lunges
6. Chest fly to tricep presses
7. Alternating Turkish half get-ups
8. Kneeling reverse flys
9. Sprinters
10. Sprinters – other leg
11. Blast off push-ups
12. Renegade rows
13. Alternating lunges with bicep curls
14. DB touching shoulder presses to tricep extensions
15. Alternating 1 leg deadlifts
16. Alternating snatches
17. Full cans to side lateral raises
18. Tricep kickbacks
19. Arms up alt reverse lunges
20. Across body alt bicep curls
1 x 50sec

Ab Finisher
1. Double crunch
2. Reverse curl to legs lower
3. Oblique crossover
4. Other side
5. Plank jacks
6. Mountain climbers
1 x 20sec

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