Fitness Workout for Men

10 MINUTE MORNING ROUTINE starts at 00:27

Get ready for one of the BEST Home Workouts of you could ever wake up to! A full body workout that you can do first thing in the morning before you even eat breakfast! You will not need any equipment or weights to accomplish this.

I personally use this workout to get my muscles warm and loose in the morning. I find that when you wake up early, and you are sore from a previous workout, this 10 minute full body workout will get you lose and ready to get your day started!

This workout will include the following exercises: Jumping jacks, body weight squats, calf raises, steam engines, push ups, you do get a rest break or two or three, toe touches, plank ups, planks, superman, pike pushup, bridges, bicycle crunches, side planks, and wide pushups!

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