Toned Arm Workout for Women Over 40

Fitness Workout For Women
How to get toned arms over 40? Do this toned arm workout for women over 40 WITH dumbbells that challenge those muscles.

So, see if you can go a bit heavier with your choices of dumbbells for this workout.


When you’re done try that 5-minute ab workout I was chatting about: 👍

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⁣Tools: a pair of light + moderate

1. Full cans
2. Shoulder presses
3. Tricep kickbacks
4. Bicep curls
5. Behind the head tricep extensions
6. Side lateral raises
7. Hammer curls
8. Straight arm press backs
9. Concentration curls
10. Other arm
11. Lying tricep extensions
12. Palms down curls

⁣1 x 45sec

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