30 Days Weight & Fat Loss Challenge [Fat to Fit Workout For Men At Home ]

Fitness Workout for Men
Here is a 30 days weight & fat loss challenge for you to become fat to fit while at home. This workout requires no equipment at all and can help you to lose fat and weight in 1 month without the gym. It is a full body workout with HIIT exercises for you to burn calories during the workout itself and continue to burn fat as it increases your metabolism after the workout.

These exercises are perfect for beginners looking for a overall fat burning workout at home as no equipment is needed at all! Be sure to remain consistent throughout the 30 days to complete this challenge!

Week 1 – 1 set daily
Week 2 – 2 sets daily
Week 3 – 3 sets daily
Week 4 – 3 to 4 sets daily (depending on fitness level)
*1 set means following along with the video and exercising with the man. Take 5 minute break between each set and refresh page for next set!

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