20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout

Fitness Workout for Men
Smashing a brilliant 20 minute full body toning home dumbbell workout. Join me today guys for this 20 Minute Full Body Toning Home Dumbbell Workout. ** 💥https://homeworkout.club/shredinfo – If you would like more info on our Brand New ‘Zeus 6 Week Shred’ structured workout Program that can be done from home , check it out right here 💪

Nearly everybody has a light set of old or unused dumbbells lying about the house. Well its time to whip them out and put them to use as light dumbbells is all you will need of this.


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Today’s workout

The aim of the game here is slow and controlled reps and higher volume with the lighter weight to really get a good burn and maximise the use of the weight

The dumbbells will help shape and tone your full body

In this workout we will be hitting 6 exercises in total for 3 sets with the workout getting harder as it progresses. How? As we will be upping the amount of reps per set

Set 1 – 10 reps
Set 2 – 15 reps
Set 3 – 20 reps

0:00 Intro
0:50 Round 1 – 10 reps of all exercises
6:33 Round 2 – 15 reps of all exercises
13:57 Round 3 – 20 reps of all exercises

Exercise list –

Goblet Squat
Cuban Press
Alternate Lunges
Tricep Kickbacks
Stiff Leg deadlifts
ISO bicep curls

Trust me even with a light weight you will feel a serious burn by the ned of this one and burn some calories and fat doing so

So grab a drink , grab your dumbbells and let’s smash it.

Hope you enjoy the video guys. Any questions, just drop them in the comment section below.

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For those asking, Dumbbell weight used for this workout demo 8kg . Beauty is you can push yourself harder by added a little weight each time

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