5 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day [KEEP YOU FIT] | Best Exercises For Men | NO GYM!

Fitness Workout for Men
5 Exercises Men Should Do Every Day [KEEP YOU FIT] | Best Exercises For Men | Men’s Fitness Tips – 5 Best Exercises For Men – What are the best exercises for men to keep fit – Do this exercises when you are not going to the gym – Best Workouts For Men – 5 Workouts Men Should Do Every Day – Men’s Health & Fitness Tips

Going Gym? That’s Fine. But try these exercises every day to stay fit even if you are not going to the gym.

5 Best Exercises For Men:

#5. Plank Exercises

Planks are HELPS to improve your posture.
Planks help get rid of back pain.
Planking will improve your metabolism.
Planking helps you lose weight.

#4. Squats

The squat exercise is considered the best exercise of the lower body.
Builds core muscle.
Protects your lower back from injury.
building your leg muscles – quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves.

#3. Pull-ups

They Make Your Back Stronger
Increase Grip Strength

#2. Push-ups

popular exercise for strengthening the core and upper body.
helps to increased joint support, muscle tone, and strength.

#1. Cardio

Boost metabolism
It helps in weight loss
It improves heart health

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