Pre Workout Meal for Morning Workout | Subah Workout se Phele Kya Khaye?

Workout Meals
-In this video, I will quickly share what I eat before my morning workouts
– I will also explain why I eat it and how you can plan your pre-workout meal for best performance in workouts and great

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How to use Whey Protein for Muscle Growth?

– Morning & evening workout are different in terms of nutritional requirement
– When you work out in the evening, you have already had 2-3 meals so your body has the energy as you must have
eaten some carbs, protein & fats which are digested and synthesized to provide you energy during the workout
– But when you workout first thing in the morning, you have woken up after 7-8 hours of sleep and mostly you eat 1-2
hours before sleeping
– So technically, you haven’t eaten for the last 8-10 hours which is a pretty long window
– Although there are multiple theories promoting fasted workouts for fat loss and other reasons, I personally suggest
having a pre-workout meal before morning workouts to have better performance and avoid unnecessary muscle
breakdown due to negative protein balance
– Whether your goal is muscle gain or fat loss, I will recommend that you fuel yourself properly before every workout to
ensure that your performance during the workout is good
– Good performance in workouts = good results

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