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Fitness Workout for Men
Melt your mid-section with this quick 10-minute workout developed by firefighter and co-owner of Transform Fitness Gym, Frank D’Agostino. This high-intensity conditioning workout will get your heart and muscles pumping hard — without any equipment.


WARMUP (1x Round)
1) Jumping Jacks
2) Air Squats
3) Jump Squats

CIRCUIT A (2x Rounds, 30 Seconds Per Set, 10 Seconds Rest In Between Sets)
1) Pivot Punch
2) Crossover Mountain Climbers
3) Cherry Pickers
4) Shuffle Jump Tucks

CIRCUIT B (2x Rounds, 30 Seconds Per Set, 10 Seconds Rest In Between Sets)
1) Mule Kicks
2) Froggers
3) Kneeling Thruster

FINISHER (2-Minutes, 1 Round)
1) Plank-Ups to Elbow Drive

Firefighter’s Fat-Burning 10-Min Workout | BURNER | Men’s Health

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