What to EAT before & After a workout for weight loss | PRE & POST WORKOUT MEALS

Workout Meals
Pre and post workout meal plan for weight loss or fat loss or muscle gain. Ur general fitness goals, this is an important part of your nutrition. When to eat & what to eat before & after a workout, specially people who go to gyms, do strength training or lift weight at home, do HIIT or intense cardio. This is not for people who do only yoga
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I make youtube videos on fitness, beauty & lifestyle.Sharing parts of my life & experience/learning/research with you all. Disclaimer – I am not a coach/trainer or nutritionist/dietician but yes I am currently a student of ISSA sports science nutrition. Have been training under professionals for years now. All things I share on this channel is what I research/ experiment/use and apply in my own life and share it as a friend/well wisher. My aim is to try & help you live your life, fit, productive and motivated, maybe a little better than yesterday.
This channel is not responsible for your assumptions & actions. Also for the brands I recommend, I use them personally and then work with them, whether it works for you or not, is solely your concern. Also, please take prior notice if copying my videos or ideas. Thanks.
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