WARM UP ROUTINE BEFORE WORKOUT | Quick and Effective | Rowan Row

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WARM UP ROUTINE BEFORE WORKOUT | Quick and Effective | Rowan Row

Hey guys, I have put together this quick and effective warm up routine exercises that you can perform every time before you start working out. Those dynamic stretches are specially chosen to warm up your body from head to toe and to avoid any sort of injuries before you get yourself into your training session. Really focus on the dynamic movement and let your body flow.

Thanks again for the constant support. Much love to you all and good luck. xo


1. Neck circles
2. Shoulder rotation
3. Arm circles
4. Arm circles opposite directions
5. Elbow circles
6. Wrist rotations
7. Hip rotation
8. Body circles
9. Inner tie and oblique
10. Lower back and hammer strings
11. Lounge tap
12. Side static luge
13. Front static lunge
14. Squat cross arms
15. Standing crunch
16. Butterflyes
17. Jumping jacks

There is no break in between the exercises.

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