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Ultimate 20 Minute Full Body Workout for Kids | Nate Bower Fitness

Here is a 20 min Workout that is perfect for kids and adults to do together. It involves dynamic warm-up, cardio, and bodyweight strength exercises.

Kids as young as 7 or 8 years old can safely do strength training if they have good balance and control of their body, follow instructions, and can do the exercises with good form. A child’s strength-training program shouldn’t be a scaled-down version of an adult’s weight training regimen.

Kids spend more time watching TV, they spend less time running and playing. Parents should limit TV, video game and computer time. Parents can set a good example by being active themselves. Exercising together can be fun for everyone. Competitive sports can help kids stay fit. Walking or biking to school, dancing, bowling and yoga are some other ways for kids to get exercise.

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Regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions.

Children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years should do 60 minutes or more of moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity each day, including daily aerobic – and activities that strengthen bones – 3 days each week, and that build muscles.

Boxing Gloves

Parents should make sure that their kids get enough exercise. So, how much is enough? Kids and teens should get 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily.

Toddlers and preschool children should play actively several times a day. Toddlers should get at least 60 minutes active play every day and preschoolers should have at least 120 minutes active play every day. This time should include planned, adult-led physical activity and unstructured active free play.

Young children should not be inactive for long periods of time — no more than 1 hour unless they’re sleeping. And school-age children should not be inactive for periods longer than 2 hours.

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