Dinosaur Exercise for Kids | Learn About 8 Different Dinosaurs | Indoor Workout for Children

Fitness Workout
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Miss Linky’s Dinosaur Coloring book: https://www.misslinky.com/listing/dinosaur-coloring-book

Stay active with Miss Linky in this exciting Dinosaur exercise video. Stay fit while learning about dinosaurs! You will learn more about
– Velociraptor
– Triceratops
– Pterodactyl
– Plesiosaurus
– Apatosaurus
– Tyrannosaurus Rex
– Stegosaurus
– Spinosaurus.

The following Kindergarten PE goals are addressed in this video:
– Space, directions and body awareness: move in pathways forwards, backwards right and left.
– Locomotor skills: Walking, Marching, Running, Jumping.
– Non-locomotor skills: Stretching, Bending, Twisting, Turning
– Flexibility
– Balance
– Body Control
– Weight Transfer

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