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In this video, I will share the best Shoulder impingement exercise with you.

This Shoulder Impingement exercise has a 98% success rate!

A 98% success rate, is unheard of when it comes to the effectiveness of shoulder exercises.

Time Stamp

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Basic Anatomy of Shoulder Impingement
02:42 Impingement Tests
04:31 98% Success Rate Exercise
07:37 Infraspinatus Exercise
08:28 Teres Major and Latissimus Dorsi Exercise
I see my role as a teacher, which means I am striving to make myself progressively unnecessary.

“Without knowledge, action is useless and knowledge without action is futile” Abu Bakr

It is my belief, that increasing your understanding of the problem significantly enhances the result of the exercises.

I will therefore try to educate you in the aetiology of shoulder impingements as well.

This brief education should not only enhance your understanding of shoulder impingements but also make the exercises a lot more effective

I will briefly educate you in basic shoulder anatomy.

Next, I will demonstrate two easy tests which will help to determine if the shoulder pain is indeed caused by impingement. If it is, the exercises will be very beneficial for you indeed.

Lastly, I will share a total of three highly effective exercises with you.

The first exercise is a two-parter and has a success rate of 98%

All the exercises have the specific goal to increase the space in the shoulder where the impingement normally takes place. This space is called the Subacromial space.
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