Tabata Seated Fitness Workout | 54 Minutes | Low Impact | Simple Safe Effective Exercise You Can Do!

Fitness Workout
Tabata Seated Fitness Workout is an exercise workout that consist of one set of 20 seconds of cardio exercises 10 seconds rest (8 cycles) + 1 minute rest. This repeated for 8 sets with different exercises. The exercises are simple, safe and effective to help you enhance your cardiovascular system, burn fat and lose weight. The exercises include seated jumping jacks, burpees, boxing, lunges, knee lifts and more. The workout is beginner, active adults and senior friendly. This one of the workouts I am using in my road to recovery from a foot injury while I need to sit exercise and get fit until I am able workout standing again.


00:00 Intro
00:39 Warm Up
04:34 Tabata 1 Power Walking Marching
10:28 Tabata 2 Cardio
16:23 Tabata 3 Cardio
22:16 Tabata 4 Cardio
28:10 Tabata 5 Cardio
34:05 Tabata 6 Cardio
40.00 Tabata 7 Cardio
45:54 Tabata 8 Burpees, Jacks, Boxing
51:48 Cool Down Stretch

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100% Low impact, all standing, FUN cardio workout to music! ALL fitness levels.

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