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Fitness Workout for Men
Paul Olima is one of the fastest growing fitness personalities in the UK. A huge advocate of bodybuilding and strongman training, the former semi-professional football and rugby player, and now-fitness model, shows you how to pack on serious muscle at home using just a few pieces of equipment.

Don’t have gym kit to hand? No bother. The principles of time-under-tension, eccentric loading and continuous tension – Olima’s go-to methods – are the cornerstone of his workouts and will be key to your muscle-building plans. Alternatively, bookmark this session for when the gyms finally reopen.

The workout:
For 4 Sets, 90-second rest between exercises.
1) Elevated Goblet Squat (to failure)
2) Floor Press (to failure)
3) RDL (to failure)
4) Bent-Over Row (to failure)
5) Core 1 – Plank (30-second hold)
6) Core 2 – Bird Dog (10-second hold, 10reps each side)

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