Kegels for Men – REAL TIME Daily Kegels WORKOUT

Fitness Workout for Men
Kegels for men real time workout guides you with the correct timing for your daily Kegel exercises. Physio Michelle from trains your complete Kegels workout. Kegel exercises for men can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, improving stamina (last longer) and control. Suitable for men of all ages.

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Kegels for Men Training Guidelines

1. Kegels Technique
* Start with the best position for your comfort and sensation; lying down, sitting upright or standing
* Contract your pelvic floor muscles explained in this video
* Start using a gentle maintained contraction
* Relax and rest your pelvic floor muscles between every Kegel exercise
* Increase the strength of your Kegel exercises when you have the correct form

2. Kegels Daily Routine
* Start with your long maintained Kegel exercises
* Maintain each exercise hold for as long as you can up to 10 seconds duration
* Repeat up to 10 long Kegel exercises in a row
* Next practice 10 quick and strong 1 second Kegel exercises in a row

This daily routine can be performed 3-6 times daily on your training day.
Try to include 3-4 training days per week as part of your regular Kegels routine.

This Kegels workout trains both the slow and fast twitch pelvic floor muscle fibres in men. It’s important to exercise both these types of muscle fibres to improve and maintain pelvic floor muscle strength and control.

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Count up Timer 10 seconds with thanks to Russel McGovern

Milios, J.E., Ackland, T.R. & Green, D.J. Pelvic floor muscle training in radical prostatectomy: a randomized controlled trial of the impacts on pelvic floor muscle function and urinary incontinence. BMC Urol 19, 116 (2019).

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