Workout Meals
POST WORKOUT MEAL – So this is an easy post workout meal that ive been having for a long time now and it’s one of the most basic/simple meals. But simple things work.
Chicken and rice with some veggies – not complicated at all. Main thing to consider post workout is you have to have a good amount of CARBS pre/post workout – i almost aim for 50-60% of my whole days worth of carbs around my workouts this helps with better utilization of carbs as you are fueling your training sessions.
Also, if you like variation – can switch rice with rice noodles, rice pasta, potatoes, quinoa, pasta, oats, cream of rice etc. While switching the chicken with beef, steak, salmon, turkey, tofu, whey protein etc. Just find what digests well with you and you can do it in a sustainable way for a long time.


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