10-Minute Toned Arms Workout (At Home, Dumbbells Only)

Fitness Workout For Women
Get strong, TONED ARMS with this 10-Minute Arm Workout with Weights!

This workout is made up of the 5 best upper body exercises to sculpt and tone your arms. We’ll hit the back, biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps. And I’m sweating with you through every rep!

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✨THE WORKOUT: 10-Minute Arm Workout for Women✨

► EQUIPMENT: Medium-to-heavy set of dumbbells (I’m using 10 lbs, but I’d recommend anything from 10-20. I encourage you to go heavy — the goal is to work the arm muscles to failure).

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Follow along with the video above and let me be your personal trainer for the day. I’ll coach you through each of these upper body exercises for women, keeping track of reps and giving cues for proper form.

It looks like this:
✔️5 Upper Body Exercises
✔️Repetition Drop Format — you’ll decrease the number of reps you perform for each upper body exercise as you move through the workout. (Reps are: 12-10-8-6-4)
✔️Repeat x5 Sets

►Workout Outline:
1️⃣ Bicep Curls
2️⃣ Arnold Press
3️⃣ Lying Skull Crushers
4️⃣ Push Ups
5️⃣ Reverse Grip Bent Over Back Row

00:00 Workout Introduction
01:00 Set 1
04:10 Set 2
06:58 Set 3
09:18 Set 4
11:10 Set 5

❤️ Find this workout and how to do each exercise in this post:

10-Minute Upper Body Workout for Women (5 Best Upper Body Exercises)

🎶 Cue up your favorite music, press ‘play’, and let’s knock it out!
Here’s my workout playlist: https://spoti.fi/32fRMuK​

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►How often should I do this workout?
It all depends on your current fitness routine and goals. I suggest 2-3 strength training workouts per week and 1-2 HIIT workouts per week.
Try adding this workout to your workout routine once a week (as a STRENGTH workout).
A well-rounded fitness plan will include a variety of workouts. Download one of my FREE Home Workout Plans (all with full Youtube videos!): https://www.nourishmovelove.com/category/workouts/move-blog/workout-calendars/

►🤰Is this workout Pregnancy-Friendly? Yes! If you’re not comfortable laying on your back, substitute tricep kickbacks or overhead extensions for lying skull crushers. And take your push ups to an incline (on a chair, bench or countertop).

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